The dreaded Bermuda Triangle


bermuda traingle

The poor bunnies were tearful after each show and refused to come out of their warren for even the slightest bite of juicy carrot. Rodney decided to take the case of the perverted magician to the Magic Circle. Said Circle faintly resembled a disproportionate triangle. You see, the magicians had conjured the Bermuda Triangle to within their midst and could not get rid of it, no matter what incantations and lamentations they tried. The darn thing had stuck to them like chewing gum to a shoe. They tried to shoo it away like a worrisome fly, but it refused to budge. They even sent old Mrs. Hubbard to admonish it sharply. Her children said she had a wicked tongue and some of the words she used made the plants curl up and die. The Bermuda Triangle just folded its arms and shook its head. Their next brilliant plan was to fill it with miscellaneous items, such as old freezers, broken stoves, tyres and bicycle parts. They even went so far as conjuring a fleet of ships to pour down its gullet. It succeeded in giving the triangle indigestion and a gaseous cloud hung over the Circle for months afterwards. Unlike skunk, tomato juice did nothing for the odour that seeped into their robes and the only option was to burn them which in turn set several magical explosions loose. Rainbows and unicorns were running amuck.


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