Chicken! Who me?



“Cluck, cluck, chirp,” I squawked, flapping my arms like imaginary wings. I manically scratched in the dirt with my ineffectual toes, which were sadly unadorned by tapered claws. I was searching for the worm that I, as the destined early bird (or headless chicken), was destined to eat. I believed that said worm (Phylum: Annelida, Class: Oligochaeta- or the common earthworm) would have mystical capabilities which would set my fear-addled brain on the correct path.
“Chicken are we?” asked a, by this time, well known voice.
“The sky is falling,” I answered, my gaze riveted to the floor, hoping to see the soil enricher raise its ugly head. I was ready to pounce on it the moment it appeared and gobble it down like so much spaghetti. Gross, I know, but drastic times called for drastic measures.
“Ah, Chicken Little,” she said, “of course, you have to be inspired by the written word.”
She looked at me much as one would an unwanted insect. I feared that the last thing I would see would be the heel of her zebra striped stilettos. I gathered what little courage I could muster and followed the black, fishnet stockings to pink leather hot pants that were slowly being invaded by flab. A black leather bustier followed that barely succeeded in keeping mounds of flesh at bay. Her hair was teased into a rat’s nest and she carried an evil looking whip in her right hand. Fiery red lipstick and nail varnish to match finished the quivering ensemble.


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