The hidden cover:


After two weeks of silence, she of the well- rounded figure is back!

“And what if I may ask are you hiding behind your copy of War and Peace?” she asked peering over my shoulder.
“Dear, nobody thinks you are intelligent enough to understand that particular piece of literature. I on the other hand am well versed in its intricasies.”
It started as a giggle, but pretty soon I was rolling on the floor, incapacitated by laughter. Between gasping for much needed oxygen, I barely managed to say:
“The only reason you have a copy in your bag is to deter any would be handbag snatchers. It is your personal weapon of mass destruction. Never mind bewaring the ‘ides of March’, they should beware the weight of ye olde War and Peace.”
“Be that as it may, I am sure to acquire the knowledge by the process of osmosis- you should read up on that you know, quite an interesting concept. I highly doubt whether I have the particular patience to imbibe my food that way,” she said staring at the last chocolate covered cupcake.
“Don’t you dare,” I warned, snatching the delectable morsel from the plate with a dexterity that surprised the usually clumsy person who went about bearing my name. I made clumsy look elegant.
“What were you hiding?” she demanded and I knew that she would not rest until she knew. She was the queen of the inquisition!
“The cover of Red Tape,” I said nonchalantly.
“Ooooh, let’s have a gander then!” she squealed in delight.




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