X is for the Xanthippe (ill tempered woman) strikes again:



“Why are you naked?” I spluttered.
“Xanthippe was an ancient Arthenian, dear and I presumed they would not have clothes. It is rather intimidating, don’t you think,” she said and twirled so that we all could see the intimidation from all sides.
The poor Avatar was desperately trying to avert his gaze and looked pleadingly at me. I knew he was as horrified as I was, yet I could not think of a way to get him home. I felt sorry for the blue chap.
Rabab, the cowardly fellow, seeing that the Muse was slightly distracted tried sneaking out of the back door.
“Oh no, you don’t,” said the Muse cracking a whip in his direction. I have no idea where she had secreted the whip on her naked body, but I dare say that I would not like to know anyway.
Rabab’s steps faltered as the Muse hissed at him.
“ Do I really need to do the lion’s share of the work?” she said angrily, prodding the lion with her elbow. “Why do you think I brought you along?” The lion merely looked at her disbelievingly. How dare she speak to the king of the animal realm in this disrespectful manner? He wondered whether she realised that he had teeth.
“Rabab, get you ass back here!” she yelled at the raconteur. “I am seeing red, do not make it go black. Have you no shame?” she lambasted him.
“Kill me, would you?” she sniffed. “I have had it with all the killing off of the darlings malarkey!”
“But, she can be a better writer under my tutelage,” Rabab ventured.
“Shut up. Get him Kitty!” The lion roared again and bits of plaster fell from the ceiling, Rabab was decidedly pale.
Physical effects of anger.


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  1. “…she said and twirled so that we all could see the intimidation from all sides.”

    Bahahahahaha! Love this! And another great pic for Xanthippe!

    I love the links you’re including. There’s a lot going on in these posts. Much appreciated!

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