W is for Words:



I was at a loss for words, how could Rabab be so cruel as to think I would harm the nutters in my head?
“Last time I looked I was very womanly indeed, man, I said and realised that Sir Laughalot was back on track. I silently cheered for my dream squad. I knew that either Raggedy Andy or the Muse was commanding the troops.
I was still trying to figure out what to do when the Muse strutted in. I could not believe my eyes! She was stark naked and was dragging a lion in by the tail. Said lion had a rather gloomy expression on his face; the Muse definitely had something to do with that. She jiggled as she strutted and on her face an expression was painted which read: I do not intend on taking prisoners alive.
Rabab had a smirk on his face as he turned to meet the bulk of her.
“To what do we owe the pleasure of your company?” he asked.
“No pleasure, only pain on your part,” the Muse said bluntly. She swung the lion around and the poor thing plopped to the ground between the two staring alpha personalities. She studied her nails intently.
“Oooh I smell like lion, rrrooooaaarr and don’t you dare say hello Kitty,” she smirked in my direction. I was too aghast to say much of anything; there were no words to describe what was happening and I wondered whether anyone would believe me if I told them.
The Muse poked the lion with a scarlet painted toe. “Do your thing, dear, chop chop.”
An overwhelming roar filled the tiny bungalow and Rabab retreated a step or two.
Note: no lions were harmed during the telling of the tall tail. (tale)
How to survive a lion attack…


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