V is for Vaginate- sheathed or having a sheath:



“I should wash your mouth out with soap for using such a rude word,” said the Muse and sniffed sadly at my lack of tact.
“It’s the only word that tickled my fancy,” I said giggling.
“How ruuuude, drop you fancy schmansy puns right now, dear! I don’t have the time to teach you manners, I have my hands full as it is,” she huffed.
“To vaginate means to sheath or have a sheath, as in Sir Arthur vaginated his sword or he had the means to vaginate his sword,” I said falling all over myself in a helpless fit of laughter. I had to admit that it was both inappropriate and funny as hell.
“In Botany you may encounter a vaginate leaf- a sheathed leaf, see?” I asked, but all the Muse did was to scrunch up her nose as if I was a foul smelling tramp.
“I think I should have a word with the Lexicon Dragon regarding the words she exposes you too, dear.”
“What? And bind the imagination of the writer?” I asked aghast.
“No, dear, just channel it wisely,” she answered.
“More than likely smother it! I am a visual being; I cannot help it if I have an imagination. It’s better than writing boring, unimaginative tomes whose only usage would be as a defensive mechanism in a robbery (a tome thrown at the head=concussion) as nobody would open them to read the pages,” I said.
“Vaginate your anger, dear, really I am only interested in finding appropriate ways of keeping your mind occupied,” she spluttered.
“Words are appropriate, they rule my existence and when I cannot find them, I am as stuck as a kitten in a tree and believe me, no sexy firemen would take a second look at me,” I argued the point.
The power of words.


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  1. Oh, how I love discovering a new word! And what a word you’ve unvaginated for us! (Okay, so spell check doesn’t recognize my prefix added to your word!)

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