T is for tales and their origin:



“I am the originator of every novel idea you have ever had. I am the telling of the tale, the words you wished you had,” he said with an evil grin. “I suggest you kill off your darlings.”
“What?” I asked as his words spun off in different directions and ricocheted in my brain.
“Murder the annoying Muse, poison the incompetent hamster, shoot the bloody cowboy and sack the Lexicon Dragon and the limp Raggedy Andy!” he shouted.
“Gmf, wuh?”
“Their tales are superfluous mumbo jumbo. You need only me to fill your mind with the most exquisite words imaginable. Name a genre and I have the tale to match it,” he said making broad, expansive gestures with his hairy arms, “and you will never channel the idiotic Neanderthal ever again.”
I barely understood half of what he was saying and the poor Avatar looked like an orphan who was a long way from home. Then it dawned on me to kill your darlings meant to kill the best (well according to you that is) characters you have because they do not fit the plot. No way was I capable of killing my favourite people and all this to be the master of the written tale? My life would be empty without the Muse, Sir Laughalot, the Lexicon Dragon Raggedy Andy and Alice, the gunslinger.
“Chop chop time is of the essence man,” said Rabab and stared at me with narrowed eyes. If he was so eager to kill the rest of my cast, how long would I last against the menace that poured off him in waves? Would I give up everything for the sake of the winning tale?
Fairy tales have an ancient origin, read more here.


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  1. From one danger to another…… where is your posse when you need it? Yelling my warnings through the megaphone Ragedy Andy sent me ….. but who is really the right match for you. Anyone who tells you to kill off your friends has my doubts. What will you choose? Do you HAVE a choice?

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