S is for stories and salivating:



“If you had met me in the q-post I would have been Quintin Quacksalver and you would have feasted on quarander, quark and quadrimium, but here we are,” he said, smiling like a Cheshire cat.
“Instead, we shall have sacchariferous pastries and sanatory bread. Follow me.”
“Huh?” I said channelling my inner Neanderthal.
“My apologies, I forgot that your tedious little hamster is not running. Moving on in plain language then; I am the teller of tales, stories if you prefer. Tall ones, short ones as well as novel length ones. Pay attention when I speak as it is in your best interest to do so,” he said and placed large star shaped spectacles over his cat eyes. We walked down an overgrown path. The flowers and insects were much larger than in the normal world. Within ten minutes we arrived at a smart little bungalow hidden under gigantic willow trees. Rabab beckoned us in and we sat down on comfortable, floral overstuffed armchairs. With a flourish he produced a tray of the sweetest chamomile tea, buttered bread and pastries. He noticed that my saliva was dripping down my chin and making a beeline for the floor and offered me a linen napkin, a silver fork and a porcelain plate.
“I would say bon appétit, but you wouldn’t understand, I fear. Dig in will have to suffice,” said Rabab Raconteur haughtily. The Avatar merely stared at us perplexedly. He was in a bluish mood. I stuffed my face and a few kilograms into my thighs for good measure. I sat back in the armchair and looked at Rabab expectantly.
Look up the s and q-words here.



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