R is for Read all about it!



Before we start I have to admit that I have concussion in my butt from the fall as I posted Stella’s blog address and not Linda Andres’ (https://ljandie57.wordpress.com/) who is responsible for the hilarity, but you are welcome to follow them both- awesome reading regardless. On with the story…
“Get your fresh newspaper and read all about it!” yelled the newspaper boy. Contrary to popular opinion, it had nothing to do with Oscar Pistorius. Sadly, the only thing I needed to hear about him is: “And the Oscar goes to…..jail.” This news however was all about me and what happened after I had landed with a thump and had butt concussion.
I crawled down a passageway which had the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily ESKOM, our local electricity provider, had not been on a load shedding cycle and the light was still burning. Yes, I crawled, because without Sir Laughalot on the bloody wheel I was useless! Besides which, I had a Blue Avatar- yes, the one from the movies with me- one of my friends from the My 500 Words Facebook Group, Tonia Hurst, shoved him through the trapdoor at the last minute! She said he wouldn’t eat much, so I decided to keep him! He kept staring at me as if he didn’t know where he belonged and the language was a huge barrier. I pointed in the direction of the light and off we went.
At the end of the tunnel stood a rather absurd looking figure with flippers for feet, the upper body of a rather hairy man and the head of a ginger cat.
“Rabab Raconteur, pleased to meet you,” he said cattishly and stuck out a hairy hand.
Funny headlines.


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