P is for panic:



I was in a state of panic and all that came out of my mouth and into the ether was: “Huh, dunno, yeah. Wot happened?” I sounded like someone who had smoked a little too much weed and had subsequently fried my brain cells.
“Gerrr-rrruuupp pleeeze,” I urged Sir Laughalot once again. He just convulsed into another fit of laughter at the idiotic sound of my voice. How was I ever going to weave words into the tapestry of a novel ever again if my friends, which should have helped me, refused to do so? I would become a little puddle of self pity and hide under the duvet for as long as it took for them to pull themselves together and start acting like colleagues. I stomped off and promptly fell over my own two feet. It seems that along with brain function, balance and indeed the ability to walk was impaired. I lay on the ground and knew Panic was about to eat me whole; it would take her a few days though as there was a lot of me and I guess I am rather chewy. She dug her talons into my flesh and sighed in expectation. Her acidic saliva splattered onto my t-shirt which today of all days read: DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY MY SUPERIOR INTELLECT- yeah right. The droplets burned a hole right through the word INTELLECT.
I cowered in fear and was losing the little bit of hope I had been clinging onto and to top it all off I didn’t have a towel.
Please comment with solutions to help me.



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  1. Crawl to the left …… yeah, just a few more inches …… that dark line of the wall you thought was just a crack is a little door. Your answer is in there. They will do all they can to stop you from getting there though. They don’t like what it will reveal. Come on! You can do it! Inch over there so they don’t notice what you are aiming for.

  2. As busy as I am today and filled with guilt for falling behind in almost everything…I took time to read this. I just love how you write. It is a delight. Now will you please help clean my house?

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