Sir Laughalot was still lying on the ground, clutching his sides.
“Uhh, hmm,” I said, looking down at the two mud coloured women. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say; it was as if there was a huge gap between my thoughts and what eventually came out of my mouth.
“Gerrup,” I ordered them. Peals of laughter rang through the air.
“What?” said the breathless muse, “what the hell are you talking about?”
“Gerr-rrup!” I pleaded, but still they sat on the ground looking at me as if I had turned into a simpleton in front of their eyes. Then again, Sir Laughalot had still not climbed back on his wheel and I had to surmise that I was making no sense at all.
“Oh, my word she has lost it yet again. Sooo funny!” the muse screamed in laughter. Tears were tracking clean paths along Raggedy Andy’s cheeks as she rolled about on the floor.
“Ha ha a writer at a loss for words- oh, my word!”
Suddenly the rivalry between the two of them had fled into the dark recesses of my mind and was hiding for the moment. Oh my word indeed! I ran to Sir Laughalot, imploring him with subtle nudges to get up and back on the wheel. He refused to budge; he was enjoying the moment way too much. It was a conspiracy to make fun of and embarrass me in front of everyone. My patience was wearing thin to say the least and my words were still as lost as they ever were. The poor Lexicon Dragon was flustered beyond belief and was turning every shade of green imaginable.

Are we still Neanderthals?

O is for “Oh my word!”


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