N is for natable:



With the Lexicon dragon spluttering and furiously leafing through the files to find appropriate words and Sir Laughalot in a state of agitation, I had my hands full. I tried to calm the two colleagues down whilst cajoling the muse and Raggedy Andy to stop being ridiculous and vacate the mud hole.
The muse was lying on her back; I knew she would be natable- able to float and able to be sailed. Indeed all one had to do was attach a sail and a rudder and climb aboard. She had her very own built in flotation devices (large breasts and rolls galore around her middle not unlike a life preserver). I knew the thought was a dangerous one as she could read my mind; nevertheless I am sure that you would agree that it was a funny one indeed. I have my moments. Fortunately she was too busy keeping Raggedy Andy from popping up to notice my wayward thoughts.
A large blob of warm mud landed on my head and slowly slid down. I had had enough of the two wrestling divas and the inside of my brain was a mess. I walked in, reached for whatever limbs I could find and hauled them to the edge.
“Enough!” I roared and the two looked at me with big, round eyes. They were covered in chocolate coloured mud, their hair stuck to their skulls and their eyes and teeth shiny, white globules in the dark. They spooned the mud off with cupped hands. Sir Laughalot guffawed and promptly fell off his wheel which left me: “Whatcha doin huh? Stoppit.”
My words or lack thereof, had the Lexicon Dragon in stitches and pretty soon the Muse and Raggedy Andy were pointing at me and doubling over with laughter.
Talk about floating in mid air:



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