L is for Let’s Go!!



“I have a bone to pick with Raggedy Andy,” she said to the point as always.
“Why?” I asked even though I knew this had to be about the boots.
“My kamiks were thrown out! And through your bloody nose to boot!” she said and I could see that her face was becoming 50 shades of red. She was angry and about to burst a vein in her forehead.
“I am sure that it was all just a misunderstanding,” I tried to placate her.
‘Get her out here now! I would like to give her a piece of my mind!” she was stamping her feet in the boots and I had to turn away in order not to laugh at the ripple that went through her whole body each time her foot met the ground. I was sure there would be earthquakes of epic proportions in Australia. I summoned Raggedy Andy. It took a while for her to inch her way towards the muse and I could not help but feel sorry for her. This was no way in which to start your second week in my head.
“Why? That’s all I want to know,” the muse said.
“Well you get all the brain time and outside time and I thought if I could only make you search for the boots you would be too busy to pop out. People hardly know me at all, you know,” Raggedy Andy said timidly.
“Why you little whippersnapper, still wet behind the ears and hardly here a week and you start getting delusions of grandeur. None of you are anything without me. I keep this brain together; I am the super glue, the master, the ruler. You are nothing but a chimney sweep! You want a piece of me? Let’s go little girl!”
Epic kick fail:


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