I is for ideogenous itinerarian(mental traveller):



“I have ze solution, mon ami,” I said in my best French accent.
“For one day and one day only you veel not be known as Sir Laughalot but as ze explorer Sir Ideogenous Itinerarian. You veel travel ze confines of ze author’s brain and see ze weird and wonderful catastrophy of eet.”
“She has totally lost it now,” said the Muse a frown marring her features and her hands twisting worriedly.
“No, I haven’t! It’s the perfect solution. He gets to travel and do something different for the day and I still have him near me to prevent the inevitable ‘du-uh-huh-what’. Perfect,” I said rather proud of myself.
Thus Sir Laughalot, pardon me, Sir Ideogenous Itinerarian, set off on the Great Expedition to the Interior of the Author’s Mind, with a pith helmet and a bindle, filled with peanuts, dried fruit and a flask of cold water. We waved him off with a big hurrah and I could see, by the set of his shoulders, that he was excited by the adventure.
He met the various depression spiders and had to battle his way through their vast webs, had tea with the Lexicon Dragon and helped her search for a few lost words, swam the chocolate river filled with diabetic crocodiles, climbed the tree of knowledge and escorted novel ideas to a more permanent home. They were wandering around in Short Term Memory and screeching for attention. Sir Laughalot took pity on them and found them a large empty nest in Long Term Memory. All in all a fun day was had by all.
A fellow blogger’s view on armchair travel, weirdly enough, her name is also Vanessa.


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