C is for Cachalot or Chocolate:


Cachalot is a also a science fiction novel written by Alan Dean Foster and a six ship class mine-laying submarine of the Royal Navy.

My resident hamster was running for his life as the smoke signals escaped in wispy tendrils from my overheated brain.
“Cachalot or sperm whale,” I said studiously, wiping the lenses of my new pink spectacles. My nostrils flared at the sudden sweet smell that lingered in the room. I could hear a wrapper being rolled up into a ball and tossed into the wastebasket.
“C is for chocolate, rich, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate,” whispered the Muse. I drooled on my keyboard and watched helplessly as she bit into the Aero. I knew the bubbles would pop ever so slightly in her mouth.
I licked my lips and said: “Dark Chocolate, who is usually a solitary creature, swims in the White Chocolate Ocean and looks for Caramel Chocolate, they mate and a tiny Cadbury Flake is born. They live on Fererro Rocher.” This was what came out of my mouth, but my brain was saying; “Male sperm whales, usually solitary creatures, swim the oceans looking for female sperm whales. They mate and a single baby is born. They live on squid.”
The Muse winked slyly at Sir Laughalot who was overjoyed to take a well deserved break from the monotonous wheel. The mere mention of chocolate and my brain stood still, whether he was running or not. I admit to being a recovering chocaholic, another c-word.
I have pictured myself many times standing in front of a group, saying:
“Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am a certified chocaholic.” To which everyone would respond with a resounding: “Hi, Vanessa.” The inevitable question would be asked- when last have you had any chocolate to which the timid reply would be: “Uhmmm, yesterday…sorry and I feel sick about it!”
“Isn’t messing with her more fun than listening to her pedantic research?” she asked Sir Laughalot who nodded gleefully.
They had pulled the wool over my eyes again- I was a vulnerable idiot.
“Can we please stop having scientific lessons?” she asked, but I had to be towed away from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory which was, at least in my mind open 24/7 all the days of the year.
For boring information on the Sperm whale and nothing on chocolates, click the link- it’s easy.




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  1. I would have probably had that defiant last piece of chocolate just before entering the room. If I am going to give up something I am going to dadgum enjoy it as long as I can first.

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