A is for Ai or Aye-Aye:



“Really, dear are we going to do it this way? Like a child’s alphabet book; you can’t be serious, dear?”
“Totally. Serious, I mean,” I retaliated.
“It makes sense and it should be fun,” I argued.
“Fun?” She raised her plucked eyebrows and stared at me. For once I refused to back down.
She turned her gimlet gaze back to the photo that lay waiting quietly on the screen.
“It’s appallingly ugly,” she said.
“Extinct, or nearly so.” No, I was not being dark and dreary, was simply stating the facts succinctly. Her comment still smarted, as you can tell.
“Well, it’s not hard to tell why they are extinct, dear.”
“Enlighten me,” I said, knowing that she would get the answer wrong and I would be able to gloat. This was the relationship we now seemed to have.
“Dear, if something that ugly came out of my nether regions I would either send it back to bake some more, kick it out of the nest…or eat it.”
“I think it is rather cute.”
‘You would, dear, but be reasonable it is quite the odd bird. Fugly springs to mind,” she said quite nonchalantly.
“It’s not a bird and….you swore, I knew you would slip up some day,” I said gleefully; the poor Aye-Aye momentarily forgotten.
“I did not say the word, dear, please keep up. And I know that it is not a bird, it barely has wings.” She looked at me superiorly, tapping her red lacquered fingernails on the screen.
“Moving on,” I said, knowing that the battle was ultimately lost anyway.
For more information on the Aye-Aye, have a peek here:


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