Watch out Bermuda the Muse is on her way!





“There you go,” the Muse said shaking her buttocks which, I was sure, could be seen from outer space. The Vogons probably use it as a navigational landmark when visiting Earth.

“Huh?” I was back to being a grunting Neanderthal again due to no fault of Sir Laughalot. He was still running.

“Your brain is back to doing what it does best, dear. You are being wonderfully imaginative. I really am good at this, aren’t I?” We both realised it was a rhetorical question.

“Well, I’m off to Bermuda for a cocktail or two,” she said rattling her bracelets.

‘Please, don’t ask Sir Laughalot if I pushed him. He is a habitual liar and would do anything to discredit me. Be a dear and start writing, you still have 7000 words to go before you can proclaim yourself a winner, you know. No time like the present and all that. See you later!”

She disappeared, leaving the image of her in a bikini seared onto my retinas. I could hear Sir Laughalot giggling uncontrollably as she sailed past him. He was barely holding onto the wheel.

I hoped Bermuda knew what was coming their way and had battened down the hatches; she was a force to be reckoned with. I sat down, applied ample butt to chair and started in on the remaining 7000 words, so far so good. Wish me luck and throw me a towel in case I panic!

Read about a normal brain here, please note that mine has never worked this way.



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