I have been wondering….


This week saw the release of my short story book on Smashwords (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/361196) and what a week it’s been. I had palpitations and the dreaded hot flashes at the thought that I, a total technophobe and imbecile would have to work through the guide to get the book ready for publication. You will be relieved to know that I have stopped using whiteout (as you know it in America or Tip-ex in South Africa) on the screen. I have graduated from that foolishness and mayhem to the point where I can locate the on/off button as well as succeed in saving a few things. Remember, I said a few things…

This week the internet acted up and I had to settle for a signal that had become lost in the Bermuda triangle. I sent search and rescue planes, but everything seems to disappear there. As I was dutifully and painstakingly using Photoshop at the speed of a tortoise stuck in mud on the book cover, I inadvertently forgot to save the layers and lost half of the work…grrrr…my Mom would have washed my mouth out with carbolic soap at the words which bubbled forth. So unladylike, my dear….yep I had had enough. To say the least, I was a nervous wreck and blubbered:

 “Maybe this is a sign not to publish the book. Yes, I’m sure it’s a sign…sob.”

The tantrum elicited some choice words from family and friends alike, since acting like a spoilt two year old was not what they had in mind for my forty seven year old body. But damn it I was feeling oh so vulnerable and I refrained (barely) from thumping my feet on the floor! Give me some credit, will you? I pulled myself together, sticking on the stubborn bits which still lay quivering on the floor, with a large dollop of chocolate glue. (Yes, you do get chocolate glue; it comes in a slab covered in shiny paper.) I sat myself down, grumpily I might add and finished the work…tadaaaa Twisted is on Smashwords with a cover I am quite proud of and the guide was very easy to follow to my surprise, even when technologically impaired as I am.

Now, I have been wondering whether all authors suffer a nervous breakdown at the thought of putting their work up for everyone to see. I have been watching the sold column like a hawk, to no avail, wondering whether I would be able to handle criticism. See I wonder a lot, a whole lot….I have an enquiring mind….okay so I’m inquisitive, there, I said it!   

Greetings until next week: a crazy author


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