Casper the not so friendly ghost:



What an abysmal writing week! Not for lack of ideas though, but for feeling under the weather and as if I have my brain stuck in a tumble drier and it’s been dehydrated and shrivelled (like those Jivaroan shrunken heads). Just struck me how funny that would look; running around squawking in a tinny voice, with a butt bigger than my head. Hmmm how would gravity hold that tiny head upon the elephant stump of a neck though? I will have to hold it up with my thumbs I presume and try not to squash it- problem solved. Writer’s minds are strange indeed!

Wonderful news (so NOT), my ailments are due to a parasite which I inadvertently picked up in borehole water on a farm. I have promptly christened it Casper as the Latin name remains unpronounceable (except to the medical community of course, which have no problem stringing the vowels and consonants together, making it sound exotic and sexy; except it isn’t, not in the least). Now you see Casper and now you don’t as it migrates around your system, wreaking havoc. Ewww what an awful thought- it moves throughout my body, juck. I certainly have a stranger inside, an unwanted and unloved passenger, which makes me want to fetch the bug spray on the double, or the flyswatter or just step on it if I could only find the bugger. Casper makes my skin crawl, no doubt about it.

Interesting fact, scientists have found that it fluoresces, like I am going to run to the store and buy an ultra violet light to search for Casper. Oh, there it goes, no wait now it’s over there, oops it fell out (I wish). Anyway, I have to live with Casper for at least six months. I can’t even give him away if I tried. Currently I am looking into ways to make the environment hell for him, without sending myself six feet under of course. Anybody up for a litre of vinegar?



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