Existensial crises and what happened to the muse:



I have spent the last couple of months procrastinating and if you must know, knitting teddy bears, while the fear of putting pen to paper or ample butt to chair rode me. Suddenly I was questioning the whole writing thing and if I even remotely had what it took. It did not help that the elusive muse chose those months to vacation abroad and worked her way through a smorgasbord of delicasies and left me with the extra padding.


She is an elusive creature that when caught, dribbles through your fingers like sand, leaving you on the floor in a moaning heap, staring at the blank screen like an idiot, willing the words to appear.


The cowboy that lives in my head chose this time to say in a sarcastic Southern drawl: “She ain’t gonna appear soon pardner, you better get up on that there horse and say giddyup…” He solemnly spat his imaginary chewed tobacco at my feet.


Yes, writers all have characters living in their heads, I am not that weird, contrary to popular opinion. I got up off the floor, wiping the insane spittle away from the corners of my mouth and sat down to write some gobbledygook. I needed to get something on to that intimidating blankness. I came up with this gem….Axiotl sailed the southern seas, dragging Pentacotl along. They fished for milky ways and star constellations, which glistened on their hooks like the silvery breath of a soul newly born.


Hmmm…a fantasy novel in the offing as I picture them in a gossamer ship made of dandelion seeds and powered by seahorses? I doubt it as I am known as the writer who humors the dark side, slobbering in the corner over a recent short story, muttering darkly….my precious…..


Well if you needed a spark of insanity to acccomplish creativity, I would be combustible, but I am sure my readers already know this anyway (no big declaration needed). Thus this pardner got back on the horse and is aiming her long barrelled rifle at 30 October as the publication date for ARTIFACTS on Smashwords…wish me luck!




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