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Storytelling is how Charmain makes her living – mostly corporate at the moment, but increasingly books that need writing are bringing themselves to her attention. She draws her inspiration from books, travel, cooking, books, friends, the movies and, yes, books.


Unfinishes Business, her debut novel, was inspired by personal experience and made much better by allowing imagination to take over.


She is in her early 40s and live in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and an imperious black cat.

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 Unfinished Business Cover

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Short description

The past inserts itself into Nicola’s marriage when her husband’s daughter and grandson move in. As their first wedding anniversary approaches, Nicola and Jonathan struggle to navigate the fault lines in their relationship that are exposed by the disruptive Isabel and her little boy.


Extended description

On a chilly Tuesday evening Nicola’s life changes forever with the arrival on her doorstep of her husband’s daughter and infant grandson. Childless by choice, Nicola is wholly unprepared for the reality of a teenager, let alone one coping

with motherhood. She is equally unprepared for the havoc Isabel and Marcus wreak in her home and her marriage.


Jonathan wants to believe that he has vanquished the ghosts of past mistakes. When his daughter and grandson move in, however, history threatens to overwhelm the future he is building with his new wife.


Instead of being in charge of a life filled with excitement, Isabel finds herself stuck with a baby, living under her father’s roof and working in a dead-end job.


In the weeks leading up to Jonathan and Nicola’s first wedding anniversary, father, daughter and wife test the boundaries of an arrangement forced upon them by blood, love and consequence.




About iread1966

Avid reader, published author, artist and pug breeder. Found out I could actually paint and write late in life, but whoopee now that I have found it I'm not letting go. Join the rollercoaster ride of creativity.

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