Jane visits the farm Part 2



She unearthed the paperback romance from her handbag and plugged the mp3 player into her ears. Jane made seat number 17 on the bus her new temporary home and drifted away, floating on her usual cloud of fantasy and imagination.


Jane, as mentioned before, hated crowds. The amount of people enclosed in such a small space, frightened her, she had to admit it was a scary experience. She kept herself busy by sticking to the rules:

1. Keep busy; she was already adhering to this.

2. Steal glances, but never overtly stare and if someone catches you in the act, pretend that you are answering important texts on your Blackberry.

3.  When someone speaks to you, pretend that you didn’t hear them the first time. If, by chance, they hadn’t spoken to you and you asked if they had, it would be awkward not to mention extremely embarrassing. She knew people generally thought you were an eight legged escapee from the planet Xenon if you committed this faux pas. If they did speak to you however and you pretended as though you didn’t hear and they repeated their question again, then you will be shocked to know that you are actually someone of importance and that someone is either asking you something, because you look like an intelligent being or trying to engage in conversation with you.

4. Never ever ask strangers anything for fear of looking and sounding like a complete imbecile. If you have to ask them something, engage in this activity as a last resort. Try your very best to solve any mysteries on your own by pretending to be Sherlock Holmes.

5. If all else fails refer to rule number one: keep busy.

Her approach to life was simple: Don’t look at me, don’t touch me, and don’t talk to me.


The tar road stretched out in front like an undulating river, while to the left and right glorious fields of golden yellow sunflowers bloomed. They held their heads high, nodding solemnly at Jane in the slight breeze. In reality all sunflowers look toward their primary energy source, the sun, yet in Jane’s imagination they were nodding their approval as Queen Jane ascended the throne. She would take the world by storm and rule over it; a seven day rule to be precise. The time had finally come for her to do as she pleased.


The hours flew past as the landscape transformed itself into wide open spaces, sheep, hay bales and mealie fields. Jane was transported into a different world…a world of Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and love songs. The lyrics they wrote the songs they sang with such fire, love and passion seemed to take on a new and deeper meaning.  Jane’s imagination ran wild and she found herself chatting to these crooners; sitting next to them and singing along. It was almost better than eating popcorn while watching a good comedy.  Jane had a secret; she liked older men, not loved nor adored or fancied, simply liked as one would a dress, a poem or a song. She thought it totally made sense as older men were wealthy, settled, had a distinguished air about them and knew how to treat a lady. Or so she imagined. In this manner the seven hour, boring bus ride was accomplished without too much anxiety on Jane’s part.  


Her Aunt and Uncle were already waiting for her as the bus drew towards the stop. Laboriously her tall, thin Uncle dragged her luggage to the sleek, white Opel Record. The couple exchanged looks as to the volume of luggage that was regurgitated from the bus, but wisely refrained from commenting on it.  The luggage safely stowed away they piled in and set off. The heavy trunk lifted the nose of the vehicle into the air at the slightest bump or pothole on the road. It felt like they were in a ghetto, gangster car, bouncing around with the music screeching in their ears. Her Uncle being a little deaf had the car radio on mega volume, spewing country and Boere music forth into the golden, late afternoon. He bobbed his head in time to the music.


Jane’s Uncle and Aunt’s farm was the very last one at the end of a short dirt road. The name was painted on a green signboard at the entrance: Enough. It sure was enough for Jane and then some. She loved the beauty of the place, the freedom it afforded her. Of all the places in the world which she had seen and still had to see; (the latter far outweighed the former) the 200ha farm made her feel at home. Jane figured that if heaven had to be a haute couture fashion shop in New York, Enough would be the store right next door, giving it a run for its money!



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