A flbbergasted Skipping Part 4




“Blip, bleep, burp,” Red answered which, when translated, meant that he would do as he liked (less diplomatically it meant that the trees    could go to hell for all he cared). He asked translator bug for an explanation of the word mirror. A lengthy discussion ensued where various scientific terms were bandied about. No sense in boring you with the details, though.  Suffice it to say that Red was informed of their reflective surface and that he would be able to see himself therein, although it would be a mirror image. Boldly Red approached the first mirror and was quite shocked by the image. He saw himself as he really was. He knew he was purple and of course he saw other Skippings, yet the sight of a full length image of himself was quite disconcerting and upsetting. He wasn’t ugly, yet not the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, though he had always thought of himself as handsome; something for the ladies to look at and lust after.

“This mirror is named perceived truth,” translator bug broke in.

‘Bleeeeep,” Red answered plaintively, grimacing as he said it.

In the next mirror he saw himself as a squat, plump little figure with shortened legs.

“This mirror is named what you may look like if a ton of bricks fell on you.”

Red’s angry silence greeted translator bug’s sentence. He walked away stiffly, knowing that inside him something was stirring ever since he had set foot in the wood. Despite his outward attitude a sense of wonder and awe was silently growing in that same cobwebbed corner he had thought derelict. The following mirror showed Red as a veritable tall, skinny giant with arms and legs that seemed to stretch to eternity. His face creaked and cracked as a smile stole over his lips. It was truly comical to see himself thus portrayed.

“Burp, blip, burp,” Red silenced the bug before it could utter a word, chuckling quietly to himself.

As Red walked through the wood he saw his internal organs, his nerves, his dissected brain, the blood flowing through his veins, water sloshing around in his system, strange bubbles and gasses in his digestive tract; his total biological make-up on display. The last few mirrors showed him his haughtiness, his ego driven manipulation of others, his hatred, distrust, disloyalty, and lies as well as his love, friendship, work ethic and sociability. At last Red was flabbergasted by what he saw, bowled over and knocked out. He knew the full truth about himself and it was awesome to behold, not to mention a little scary.

He plucked a few of the mirrors and carefully conveyed them back to the ship. On Skipping his name was immortalised in the history books as the one who brought awe, surprise and a lot of laughter into the lives of every known Skipping as well as a few unknown ones. They had a new facial expression- they called it “to be flabbergasted”. Flabber was their bleep for tongue and gasted loosely translates into “it hangs on the floor”. Nowadays whenever they bounced off their planet they were flabbergasted and would shout with glee, even though it happened at least twenty times a day. In the end the Skippings decided to stay on their home planet as life was better with reflective surfaces and the gravity issue became negligible in the light of their flabbergastedness.

An ordinary item, folks, which you take for granted became extraordinary by virtue of being rare….think about what you take for granted each day and wish to become a flabbergasted Skipping.


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