Jane goes to Frankie Bananaz Part4




Although Jane felt sick to her stomach and displayed bouts of fear induced, blurry tunnel vision, she thought she had kept her cool nicely. The waiter picked her up in one effortless movement (in truth he struggled a bit as Jane had gained a little weight) and placed her horizontally on the counter. She lay there, frozen with fear and uncertain of what was expected of her. She waved her wand like a simpleton and smiled until it hurt. She turned into a heap of quivering jelly with hands, eyes, legs and feet. A large volume of sweat poured out of every known crevice as well as a few unknown ones and drowned Jane in a pool of embarrassment. Secretly she wished for superpowers. Invisibility would help right now, she inwardly shouted!

At last, and for the first time in her life all eyes whether familiar or strange, were on Jane, as the thumping, loud music started.  Finally she had gotten attention but not at all the way she had hoped for. With a wildly beating heart, Jane lay there, waiting for the next embarrassing onslaught!

Granted, the waiter was cute, but Jane couldn’t read the name engraved on his badge, neither could she clearly remember afterwards exactly what he looked like. Quite frankly she didn’t want to remember for fear she might meet him again in the street or at the mall. Just in case her memory returned and she recognized him, she carried a brown, paper bag in her handbag to pull it over her head if such an eventuality arrived.

The waiter, let’s call him Mr. Who (not to be confused with Doctor Who, who according to Jane was a gynaecologist from an alien world), knelt over Jane, gyrating his hips in time to the music. If it happened in any other time frame (preferably at night in the main bedroom) Jane thought, it might have been appropriate, but the event as it was, was utterly embarrassing. How would she ever live this down?

It felt as if everyone’s eyes had popped out of their skulls and had come to rest on the counter next to her face. Although the majority of her senses was numb and had shut down, she was aware of the fact that there were people sitting right at the counter, enjoying her predicament. They were in her private space, which freaked Jane out and left her stranded way beyond her comfort zone. She even heard a woman saying:

“Look at her. She is shaking like a leaf. The poor girl is as red as a pepper and sweating like she’s been in a sauna for days!”


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