Survival of the fittest


Our society dates back to 2035 ANW (after nuclear war). Although we have suffered many mutations and gene adaptations, we are a strong race, our enemies cower before us. The biggest change, since nuclear annihilation, has been the fact that we do not think individually anymore. Intelligence and information is spread through the hive mind; we think collectively, make decisions as a unit; do what is best for the group even if it means sacrificing a few for the greater good. We do not balk at the opportunity to get rid of the weak and inferior among us. Emotions do not figure into the equation; we live by rationality alone.


Unfettered emotions caused the many fingers to reach for the many red buttons hidden all over the planet. It became an insane game among the inhabitants to prove superiority. The result of the emotionally driven game has been the utter devastation that surrounds us to this day. There are still areas known as dead man’s land where nobody except the insane dare to venture. We succeeded in building something out of literally nothing and have become a race of morally and physically superior beings, by destroying emotionality and heeding the superiority of the hive mind. We have become a force to be reckoned with.


In order to follow our meteoric rise in a world that has been devastated and melted down to a landscape of nightmarish proportions, we need to inform you that, at present, we are in the year 2045 ANW, a mere ten years since the war. It took us three years to establish order, a strict moral code, housing, schooling of the young as well as our great Law Book. In it the rules of our society have been notated. Any transgression, whether it is murder, rape, assault or robbery holds the same punishment for the perpetrators. They are sent to the big gene pool where they are melted down to the base components and re-made into service automatons. We hardly notice them anymore as they clear waste or build houses; it boils down to what was known as shunning in the BNW (Before Nuclear War). Their lives have been destroyed; they have been shut out from the hive mind and have no means of communication; loneliness eats them up from the inside. They are mere husks blown by a wind that seeks change. Needless to say transgressions became fewer after the first re-mades surfaced and we pride ourselves on being a morally superior race.


In 2040 the hive mind conceived the notion of sexless procreation. Sex inevitably led to strife, violence and death; it greedily consumed the energy we required for survival. In order to become evolutionary stronger we dismissed the need for sexual intercourse. Henceforth we would be known by numbers; pronouns were sent into oblivion. “It” was reserved for the re-mades, while the hive mind was simply known as “we”. It simplified things enormously. We digress however…


Every month a different district is selected via computer to donate genetic material to our Gene Banks. The material in question is painlessly extracted by surgical means and takes all of five minutes to complete; therefore productivity does not suffer. The number in question is in and out of the Gene Bank in less than ten minutes; vastly superior to the prolonged action of coitus. The genetic material is delivered to our laboratories where insemination of the eggs is conducted. Two identical twins result from the process. The particular process took us two years to develop; we will not bore you with the scientific details adherent thereto. These twin zygotes undergo further genetic manipulation. We ensure that both have the same weapons (of a slashing, cutting and gouging nature) attached to their extremities and both are of equal intelligence. Inferior inseminations are terminated and returned to the gene pool post haste. We allow both twins to grow in the same artificial amniotic sac, receiving the same nutrients and basic elements. We have seen fit to deny the growing embryos maternal care and bonding; this unarguably has led to unimaginable success in the evolutionary process. The period in which evolutionary change appears has been drastically shortened and we expect the change to snowball in the next few years,


Only the fittest survives as they have to battle one another to death while gestating. It remains one of the most wondrous events to witness; we have made quite a business of selling the rights to these magnificent events to the visual networks. Electron microscopes are trained on the developing fetuses and the images of these epic battles are transmitted to all the districts.


The battles are bloody affairs that can last for sixty minutes or longer; at least it gives the hive something to look forward to after a hard day’s work. After the battle the survivor is healed and forced to feed on the genetic material of the twin; thus giving truth to the axiom you are what you eat. We believe that the survivor thus incorporates the inferior genes and the next generation grows stronger. Within our DNA a genetic memory exists of evolutionary mishaps and successes, by destroying the mishaps (the inferior twin) our chances of evolutionary greatness multiplies ad infinitum. We produced beings that are able to survive extreme conditions without the necessity of emotional tethers, a vastly superior race to conquer the world. We are strong, moral, royal in our visage; a priestly nation, come to guide you effortlessly into the next age.


In our wisdom we have thought it wise to send this message into the ether to warn you of our imminent arrival. We are seeking worlds to cultivate and convert to a new rationality, we are seeking you. Our hive mind sends an invitation to all worlds to join our race and become one vast intelligence network. If you refuse we will unleash all our power against you and you will be as a grain of sand in a dessert; we will trample you to dust under our feet. We are gracious in extending a twenty four hour period to all nations listening to this broadcast. If we have not heard from you within that time frame, may God have mercy on your souls.


The being removes the elaborate head set and translation device with trembling ligaments; moves its body effortlessly from the chair in which it was comfortably seated only moments before and drops to the ground. The galaxy watches as the genetically enhanced, enormous, brown cockroach scuttles into a dark corner and disappears from view.



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