NanoWrimo: days 4-7



The wicked witch of my novel lives!!!

You will be either super glad or super annoyed as you read this depending on which side you chose. I can hear some of you screaming Jayyyyy and the others Nayyyy with wild abandon.It turned out that I was able to grow her a darn backbone. Only in novels can the medically impossible happen. Why you ask? The simple answer is because it can and I am in charge, so there!

As her backbone was taking shape in a science lab….

Here I should interject and tell you how the process works. You take a feather from a white eagle, a ferret’s tail, an alligator tooth and monkey spit; mix it all together until smooth and insert it into a large test tube. Said test tube is filled to the brim with water from the Dead Sea, add electric current and sit back and watch as bones form and knit together (literally you can see the little dwarf with his ball of bone yarn sitting in the corner of the round tube with gold needles going clickety clack; shouting at the world that his name was and never has been Rumpelstiltskin).

Anyway, as her backbone grew so did a new direction within the novel. I am pleased for the first time in seven days. If you know me well you will know that that also happens to coincide with my bipolar cycle, go figure. Maybe I have just grown  used to having her strident voice somewhere in this mushy thing residing in my skull. She’s one among many, you see and they all love company. It’s fun being inside my head, there’s never a dull moment.

Wish me luck as the dreaded second week approaches like a dementor.

Toodles-author in training!


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