NanoWrimo…Day 3



My first write-in ever!

The ingredients: a cafe,good coffee, even better breakfast, laptops and good (like-minded) company. Mix well and pour into novel, bake at 180 degrees and viola!!! The end product: (eventually) a book.

It was a perfect morning.

A writer invariably writes what he knows….I wondered how my mother would react if I had written her in somewhere (quite recognizable) and being weird minded me, I decide to kill her off by random bus accident. Said bus accident being so random that the bus explodes into her house; a heat seeking missile is released and it finds her and KABOOM! Simple isn’t it? No, I love my dear old mom quite a lot actually. However I so want to kill my main character, She annoys me to the point where I feel like shrieking at her to get a grip, or shaking her violently.

She refuses to do what I expect of her. Please tell me there are rules for main characters and that her refusal is an unforgivable offense, punishable by  an archaic Writer’s Rule. In the middle of an actual dramatic scene, she flounces off, flinging her auburn mane back. She looks at me over her shoulder and I swear I saw her sticking her tongue out at me.I am bored to tears with her antics, though she does seem a bit like me…drama queen extraordinaire.

My sons are asking whether I have really taken all of my medication for the day. They look worried as I start the process of arguing loudly with a darn fictional character.I swear none of it is in her contract. The grey hairs popping out all over my scalp is absolutely, positively her fault. The problem is if I kill her, what would happen to the rest of the story line? With my luck she would be resurrected as a ghost and torture the rest of the characters to death.

Then again, maybe I should fake her death, bind and gag her and leave her in Bram Stoker’s castle. Hopefully Dracula loves fictional blood.

Anyway I am off- wish me luck and seriously pray that she makes it to chapter ten.


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