The tribulations of Nanowrimo



Day two of NanoWrimo and I am struggling. I conscientiously parked my ample butt in front of the eerily glowing screen of the laptop, fingers poised , ready for the words to start flowing. Disaster struck! My brain cells were leaking through my ears and I grasped the slippery buggers with my bare hands, trying to wrestle them back in. Alas, all escaped save one who sat whimpering in the corner, pleading not to be used as he was only fit for the job of placing commas and periods where needed.

What good were commas and periods when the main plot seemed to have taken a hiatus on some tropical island; blithely sipping cocktails? I furrowed my brow in concentration and squeezed the itty bitty, remaining brain cell into a corner. He howled and promptly gave up the ghost. Me, the brainless vegetable sat staring at the screen as if by some magical intervention words would start appearing on the blank Word page.

Wrestling with each of the 1667 words for the day; I laboriously birthed them with an enormous amount of blood, sweat and tears. I wished they had epidurals for this process.Oblivious to the rest of the world (so intense was my concentration) I failed to notice that my 7 month old Sheep dog puppies were chewing my running shoes into bite sized pieces.(Running shoes? A misnomer if ever I heard one; all I use them for is to go trudging on the farm gathering sheep doody and clods of mud) If ever you see me running, stop me immediately for the I fear I have lost what little marbles I had to begin with. My idea of exercise is running around the block and kicking it back under the bed.

I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, Nanowrimo sucked the life out of me yesterday. I felt like killing my main character by having a random bus with a heat seeking missile attachment, drive over her in her house. She stubbornly refused to do what I expected of her. I argued aloud with her to the astonishment of my sons, who thought their mother ready to be admitted to the insane asylum. Maybe I am…?

And so we move forward to start day three with (hopefully) less interruptions and regrown brain cells.

Adieu until tomorrow, have a good one, friends!


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