NanoWrimo 2012






And ….they are off!!! The gun has gone off and we are all out of the blocks. As this is my first attempt I had a serious case of shivers, headaches and nausea as I saw everyone around me posting that they were planning and filling in their character sheets.

This made me think that I had gotten the whole thing wrong as the only place that my characters were alive was in my already too active brain. Elisa Doolittle said that the rain in Spain fell mainly on the plain; in the case of Nano I was lost as to where the darn rain was; if I would ever see Eldorado never mind Spain and that nothing about me had ever been plain.

I was seriously wondering whether my anti- depressants had kicked in and if I was going to need a good dose of anti-psychotics as well. At this time my characters were arguing loudly as to who would be first on the blank page. The schizophrenic voices carried on well into the night of 30th October; which meant that I was exhausted and feeling well out of my depth. Anti- psychotics take at least two weeks to work, thus I had to placate the characters as best I could and freak out on Facebook, where I found out that I was a pantser (one who dislikes planning and does everything by the seat of their pants). I could live with this.

Several kind pep talks later I was yet again convinced that I could do this. As the 31st counted down to the dreaded 0:00 in evil green numbers on the digital clock (who decided it should be neon green anyway) I rushed to my computer and started typing everything and anything that was at the time going on in my bipolar brain.

A big no-no during Nano is to leave your internal editor behind, but man do I have OCD! She was screaming bloody murder at all the typo’s and I spent the next hour revising the work I had already done. My journey took off with 1680 words, editing and a slightly more insane me.

Keep your fingers crossed that I make it!


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