Autopoiesis Part 3


As promised the final delivery…..

I couldn’t find a suitably horrifying photo to accompany the post, but thought your own imagination could come up with something of nightmarish proportions

Autopoiesis part 3:


There was a brief moment wherein it was poised on the threshold of life and death. Nerve ends became sensory tissue and features were relocated, this was the struggle of autopoiesis.

Three weeks passed in which Max watched the chrysalis like a hawk, paced and drank numerous cups of coffee.  When the afternoon shadows crept into the room the chrysalis oscillated in a hypnotic motion. There was a barely audible, ripping noise as it tore. Max sat in a deep leather chair, enthralled by the process unfolding before him. A moist, black claw effortlessly ripped a larger opening in the chrysalis. Alien senses stuttered into the room. Wave upon wave of eerie emotions buffeted Max. Lily white, tiny hands emerged from the ragged hole. They pushed and forced the silky material out and open.  A soft thump followed as a wet, slippery body slid free from the chrysalis.

Fear and loathing whipped through Max’s body as the horror that was the imago slowly emerged. A newborn baby’s torso and head were attached to a black, hairy lower body which ended in razor sharp claws. On its back leathery, shiny wings sprouted. Its onyx eyes were filled with century’s old knowledge and terrifying hunters’ instincts. Max watched as the tiny, normal seeming hands wiped the membranous gel away that still covered its body. It shook out its wings and Max’s jaw dropped at the enormity of the wingspan. Powerful muscles rippled under the surface. It sniffed the air like an animal and opened its mouth to emit an inhuman crying. In the mouth row upon row of sharp teeth glistened.

It was only then that Max realized the full abomination the autopoietic system had created. While feeding on Max’s blood it had incorporated his specific DNA strand into its genetic pool. The face that now looked slyly up at Max was his own, a mirror image. Max closed his eyes in despair as the ultimate scientific truth struck him; Junior would have to feed. He was a modern day Frankenstein, creating a monster capable of destroying the world. A guttural voice issued from the tiny mouth: “Hungryyyy!”  With powerful claws it tore the cage apart and lurched drunkenly at Max.

What was left of Max was found by the police. The cage held only the destroyed chrysalis…..



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Avid reader, published author, artist and pug breeder. Found out I could actually paint and write late in life, but whoopee now that I have found it I'm not letting go. Join the rollercoaster ride of creativity.

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